The Show

Control Freak is a solo performance fusing together circus arts, music, humor and state of the art technology.

A funny and touching character appears on stage, interacting with the audience in awkward and amusing ways as he struggles with social inaptitude and with the complex systems on stage. Eventually he wins over both audience and technology, playing intricate live music while simultaneously performing circus skills, manipulating lights and performing real-time video editing. 

In several hilarious segments audience volunteers are pulled into the orchestral mayhem, and eventually the entire audience becomes part of the music creation process.

At the beating heart of the show are rich musical arrangements of timeless compositions, played live using feet-controlled loop stations: From Bach, Beethoven and Pachelbel to Nina Simone, The Beatles and beyond.

Funny, captivating and innovative, Control Freak is totally unique.

The singular musical instruments featured in the show were developed especially over the last 18 years, and are used in conjunction with wearable computers and digital props to control numerous fixtures on and off-stage.

  • Full version : 65 minutes
  • Short version : 40 minutes.
  • For Gala/Varieté : Three 6 minute standalone performance pieces.


  • Capacity:
    An audience of up to 600 is recommended, although the show has successfully played venues seating up to 900 people thanks to video projection, dynamic lighting and intensive live music amplifying the impact of the performance.
  • Age:
    Aimed at an adult and young adult audience of ages 12+, the show is also appropriate for family audiences (mixed-age) including children of ages 7+.
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BE festival (UK) Audience Award
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ACT Festival (Spain) Prize @ BE
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Officially recommended by the Spanish Network of Theatres (R.E.D)