Venue Requirements:

  • Ideally an indoor space with ‘black box’ conditions, but outdoor also possible so long as it’s dark enough to facilitate work with video projection.
  • Video projection to upstage area with input point (VGA or HDMi) on stage.
  • Quality sound system, with input point (stereo DI box) on stage.
  • Sound monitoring to stage.
  • Lighting setup must be discussed in advance.

Stage Dimensions:

  • Width: Minimal – 7m, Ideal – 10m
  • Depth: Minimal – 4.7m, Ideal – 6m
  • Overhead Clearance: Minimal – 3m, Ideal – 4.5m.

Time Requirements:

  • Mounting (setup) time: 9 hours
    Of that time house technicians are required for the last 4 hours.
  • The stage may be shared with other performances (e.g., festival setting).
    Using pre-setup on mobile platforms, the show may be moved onstage and performed in 30 minutes (after the previous performance has cleared the stage), and cleared offstage in 10 minutes (before the following show).
  • At least 1.5 hours of the setup must be performed in dark conditions, so If the show is mounted outdoors it must be scheduled to start at least 1.5 hours after sundown.
  • Striking (tear down) time: 3 hours.
    Of that time house technicians are required for the first hour.

Target Audience

  • Capacity: An audience of up to 600 is recommended, although the show has successfully played venues seating up to 900 people thanks to video projection, dynamic lighting and intensive live music amplifying the impact of the performance.
  • Age: Aimed at an adult and young adult audience of ages 12+, the show is also appropriate for family audiences (mixed-age) including children of ages 7+.